Together with our partners at Goo Systems Global, we are able to provide a wide range of specialised screen paints, ranging in colour options as well as utilization options (eg. Contrast, Resolution, Rear Projection). ​The above link will allow you to browse the catalog of paints available.​​

To find out which screen paint or application is applicable to your situation, feel free to click on the product calculator below or simply contact us with a short message and we will take care of all that for you.

  1. Football!!
    a 120 inch Screen Goo High Contrast screen, powered by a BenQ Model TH680 projector - located in Athens, Greece
  2. Scren Paint, Goo
    Virtual Reality Ride
    High Contrast Coated Immersive Virtual Reality Ride at Sensorama, Brazil
  3. Fairview Mall
    Fairview Mall
    Screen Goo High Contrast coating at Audio One Edge Blending Screen at Fairview Mall in Toronto, ON, Canada
  4. NASA
    Screen Goo coated onto cement floor at Space Shuttle Flight Simulation experience – NASA’s Space Shuttle Museum
GOO TYPE REQUIRED? (Volume also, if known)